Connaisseur - an artificial wine expert


Shown to the left is a semantic search application.

It mines data about wines from Freebase, but it might as well have been any other topic. The widget is configured to be generic in it's approach.

To user (you!) has the possiblity to restrict the result on certain properties that describe more specific types of wines, such as red wine, still wine, wine from california, etc...

To refine the search: Select a property (Displayed above the search results - 'Wine Region' for example ), make your choice and hit the 'Search' button that should appear. Select the same property again to remove it from the search results.
This page is a demonstration of the upcoming freebase widget, another part of ontology online's Ontology Mashup application. As more people interact with Freebase and expand the wine-section, this small standalone semantic application will become more powerful.

See the ontology mashup in action.
Version: 1.0.2, last upload: 01-12-2007.